How Counselling Saved My Marriage

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How Counselling Saved My Marriage

My wife and I had been married for 20 years and I thought things were going OK. However, my wife was not happy. I couldn't understand why. We had a lot of fights and we even talked about divorce. In the end, my friend suggested that we see a marriage counsellor. I was sceptical but I agreed to do this. We spent many hours talking about our problems and I realised that I had been working long hours and ignoring my wife. As a result of the counselling, my marriage is back on track and my wife is really happy.


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2 Things You Can Do to Beat Anxiety

If you often experience anxiety and panic attacks, you will understand the impact that these conditions can have on the quality of your life. You may find yourself becoming withdrawn as you avoid social situations or large crowds of people. You may also find that you become anxious about possibly having a panic attack and become trapped in a vicious circle. Thankfully, there are some steps you can take which will help you to overcome your anxiety and to manage your panic attacks.

Below is a guide to just two things you should consider doing so you can start your journey to recovery. 

Write a thought journal

A thought journal is a private space where you can record your thoughts and feelings. Writing down how you feel can benefit you in a number of ways. Firstly, by expressing your feelings and getting them out of your head and down on the page, you can help to lift the feelings of anxiety. Secondly, once you have written down your thoughts and feelings, it is much easier to look at and analyse them.

While thoughts are rapidly happening in your head, it isn't always possible to understand just how unrealistic they are. However, when you see them written down in front of you, you will be able to examine each one. This provides a great opportunity to challenge unhelpful thoughts. For example, if your anxiety is triggered by the thought that everyone is looking and judging you, once you have written this down, you can test it until you discover how untrue the idea likely is. Ask yourself the question, 'If I go outside, will everyone really be looking at me?' No, they are much more likely to be worried about getting on with their own lives and so you have less to worry about.

Speak to a counsellor

A trained counsellor can help you to explore the causes of your anxiety and will then assist you as you come up with a plan on how you will overcome these feelings. Just being able to speak to someone else in a safe and non-judgemental space can often work wonders when it comes to anxiety. Your counsellor will also be able to signpost you on to other support groups which will help you to will your battle against anxiety. If you would like further anxiety or depression help, you should contact a counselling service today for more information.