How Counselling Saved My Marriage

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How Counselling Saved My Marriage

My wife and I had been married for 20 years and I thought things were going OK. However, my wife was not happy. I couldn't understand why. We had a lot of fights and we even talked about divorce. In the end, my friend suggested that we see a marriage counsellor. I was sceptical but I agreed to do this. We spent many hours talking about our problems and I realised that I had been working long hours and ignoring my wife. As a result of the counselling, my marriage is back on track and my wife is really happy.


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Three Different But Equally Important Counselling Services

Going to counselling is a great way to get a different but educated opinion on how your life is going and what areas you can use some help with. What many people do not know is that there are quite a few different types of counselling services out there. Whatever you are going through, there are people who are out there who can help you figure out your issues and reach your full potential. Don't let yourself be swayed by an inner, self-sabotaging dialogue that so many people have, here are a few counselling services that can help you overcome the negative forces in your life in different areas.

Career Counselling

There are a few different types of career counselling that can help you no matter what stage of your professional life you are in. For example, for those who are unaware of what they feel like they should be doing with their life, or how to get started, career counselling services can help analyse their strengths and weaknesses and point them in the right direction. Alternatively, for those who love what they do but feel as though they are stagnating, or have other concerns about their job, a counsellor can help objectively analyse them and see possible solutions that they did not.

Marriage Counselling

A marriage is one of the biggest commitments you will make in your life, and there will be times when it feels as though it was all a big mistake. That is totally natural and to be expected. Every relationship will hit bumps, but it is how you deal with those obstacles that will define your future together. Marriage counselling can help you really understand where the other person is coming from and how you can both achieve the best possible result. That might not be exactly what you expect going in, but by the end of it you will see a marked difference in your attitude toward each other.

Youth Counselling

Growing up can be hard at the best of times, and when things go wrong, it can be extremely hard for a child to get through certain situations without getting deeply affected. Counselling is one of the best ways for a child to process these emotions and the trauma that they have faced so that they become a more well-adjusted adult and do not let their formative years resign them to a future that you never intended to send them down. If you suspect your child may not be coping well or that they have experienced quite a difficult time at school or home, then you should seriously consider sending them to youth counselling.