How Counselling Saved My Marriage

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How Counselling Saved My Marriage

My wife and I had been married for 20 years and I thought things were going OK. However, my wife was not happy. I couldn't understand why. We had a lot of fights and we even talked about divorce. In the end, my friend suggested that we see a marriage counsellor. I was sceptical but I agreed to do this. We spent many hours talking about our problems and I realised that I had been working long hours and ignoring my wife. As a result of the counselling, my marriage is back on track and my wife is really happy.


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5 Ways to Sustain a Marriage

People get into marriage expecting to live happily ever after. When things don't go as planned, they begin to wonder if there is a magical recipe for a happy marriage. Maintaining a healthy marriage is not impossible. Below are some tips to help sustain a successful marriage.

Learn to deal with problems

Challenges arise even in the happiest marriages. Unresolved disagreements can strain relationships. Learn to listen to your partner and to understand their point of view in a relaxed and non-confrontational atmosphere. Work through issues as they arise to avoid building resentment. If you are unable to resolve the issues and you seem to be moving from bad to worse, consider seeing a professional for relationship counselling.  A crisis does not mean that your marriage is over. Marriage counselling can help rebuild a relationship, even if you're on the verge of divorce.

Be positive

Think the best of your spouse, and try to see your marriage in a positive light. Having a positive attitude makes you happier, and a positive attitude is also contagious. Your partner will be inspired to treat you with kindness if your attitude is positive. Choose to be positive, even when there are issues, and you will be much happier.


Experts say that a happy marriage is a product of two great forgivers. Human beings are flawed, and your partner will offend you knowingly or unknowingly. Keeping grudges only harms the relationship. Maintaining a record of wrongs will build resentment and could end up breaking your marriage. Choose to forgive when offended for the greater good of your marriage.

Give more and expect less

Successful relationships are built on giving. Give your partner your best in terms of time and money. Give without expecting to receive. Furthermore, learn to lower your expectations. Do not expect your partner to be your source of happiness, but seek ways to make them happy. This will help you appreciate when they do something for you. Appreciating the little things builds a stronger relationship and makes it more fulfilling.

Be faithful

People get into marriage expecting loyalty from their partners. Be faithful to your partner. Once broken, trust is hard to rebuild, so avoid instances where you betray your partner's trust. 

It is important to understand that no one is perfect; it is thus important to accept your spouse with both their good and bad. A successful and happy marriage is not impossible. You just need to make things work.